The world today is living through three revolutions. The first is the information revolution, which brought about a huge knowledge explosion and the technology used to manage it, followed by the communication revolution represented in communication technology, and the third is the revolution of computers that were used in various areas of life. Accordingly, educational authorities, especially universities, are required to search for new educational methods and models to deal with all these developments, especially after the emergence of the Corona crisis, which brought all aspects of life to a disruptive halt, including educational institutions.

Therefore, the exchange of educational experiences, methods and methods of teaching and assessment are very important, and this forum is an opportunity to exchange experiences and expertise in methods of teaching and evaluating accounting and finance programs between local, Arab and foreign universities.


  • Getting to know the experiences of universities about teaching accounting and finance programs.

  • Deducing the impact of technology on the methods of teaching accounting and finance programs.

  • Discovering challenges and opportunities in the methods of teaching accounting and finance subjects.

  • Sharing and exchanging the experiences of universities and reaching solutions on the best methods used in teaching accounting and finance subjects, especially after the Corona pandemic.


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